Weyerhaeuser Introduces Kraft Fiber For Lyocell

Weyerhaeuser IntroducesKraft Fiber For Lyocell

U.S.-based Weyerhaeuser Co. has introduced a modified kraft pulp fiber that can be used to
generate lyocell fibers for textiles and nonwoven products, marking the first time the high-yield
kraft pulping process has been used to produce pulp for use in manufacturing lyocell.Peach™ is a
softwood kraft cellulose pulp with low intrinsic viscosity, which, according to the company, is an
excellent cellulose feed stock for manufacturing lyocell fiber. Weyerhaeuser says its proprietary
kraft process results in fiber characteristics that cannot be achieved with the dissolving pulps
that are currently used for lyocell.Benefits of Weyerhaeuser’s modified kraft fiber for lyocell
includes optimized pulp viscosity, purity and stability.These advantages lead to improved fiber
absorbency in textile and nonwoven applications and allow faster dye uptake in textiles.

Winter 2004