Two New Tagging Systems For Apparel

Two New TaggingSystems For Apparel

U.S.-based Avery Dennison Printer Systems America has recently introduced two tagging
technologies for the apparel sector.According to Avery Dennison, the Printacher™ is the industry’s
first all-inone print-and-attach garment tagging system. It uses thermal transfer print technology
to generate alpha/numerics and bar codes. Printed tags are attached to garments with pliable nylon

Avery Dennison’s Printacher™ is the industry’s first all-in-one print-and-attach garment
tagging system.To use, an operator enters data such as price with the number of tags required into
the Printacher integrated keyboard or a computer keyboard, places a garment over the system’s
mandrel and triggers the fastening process with the actuator lever.Avery Dennison is entering the
tag-free sector with the new ComforTag™ system, a proprietary formulation of film labels and
printing processes for tag-free heat transfer applications.The company said preprinted labels will
bond securely to a range of natural and man-made fabrics.Additional features for the system, such
as variable imprinting, security-related products and erasable film, will be introduced through the

Winter 2004