CITME Technology: Suessen Displays Spinning Technology

Suessen Displays Spinning Technology

Spindelfabrik Suessen, Germany, will be represented at its 60-square-meter booth by its China
agent, Rayson Co. Ltd., in addition to company executives.The company will be showcasing its
ring-spinning and rotor-spinning technologies.Products on display will include Elite®CompactSet
modernization packages for short- and long-staple spinning machines made by Rieter, Jingwei and
Toyota, among others. Optional applications for these compact spinning systems include EliTwist®
for producing two-ply yarns directly on the ring-spinning machine; EliCore®, a core-yarn device;
and EliCoreTwist® for producing two-ply yarns with core-yarn directly on the ring-spinning
machine.Other products on display include HP drafting systems for modernizing ring-spinning and
roving frames; SpinBox SQ for modernizing Autocoro SE 7 to SE 10 rotor spinning machines; spinning
components and parts; and other small modernization packages.

Fall 2004