CITME Technology: Rieter Introduces Products To Chinese Market

Rieter IntroducesProducts To Chinese Market

Among the range of products Switzerland-based Rieter Textile Systems will display at CITME
are the new GOAL 1210 false-twist texturing machine, a new model of the RSB-D 35 draw frame, and
the new BT 201 pre-cleaner.GOAL is a new family of texturing machines that is designed for
highquality texturing of both conventional and new yarn types. The GOAL 1210 is dedicated to
mid-range polyester yarns and fine-count nylon yarns. It is available in “Stretch” (DCS) and “Set”
(SDS) versions with different heater configurations.

Rieter GOAL 1210 false-twist texturing machineAccording to Rieter, GOAL 1210’s features
include a high-precision, medium- temperature contact heater with a special temperature-regulation
system to ensure constant yarn quality; a new active cooling zone for high-speed texturing,
resulting in high-efficiency cooling with maximum yarn path stability; a linear thread path system
with high twisting efficiency, resulting in maximum bulk level and gentle yarn treatment; a
space-saving design; high production efficiency with excellent yarn quality; fully metered packages
and monitored quality levels; perfect performance, even with critical yarns such as micro-fibers,
allowing low waste ratio; and a new electronic headstock with brand inverters and new energy saving
concept.According to Rieter, the RSB-D 35 draw frame can significantly improve the quality standard
of a spinning mill with minimum capital costs. The company has been assembling the advanced
autoleveling RSB-D 35 draw frame at its Changzhou, China, factory since 2003. The BT201 pre-cleaner
has been developed for the Chinese market and is based on the working principle of the UNIclean B
11. Rieter says the highly efficient trash and dust removal is performed without nipping, and
gentle fiber treatment is guaranteed.

Fall 2004