CITME Technology: Comez Highlights Crochet Knitting Machines

Comez Highlights Crochet Knitting Machines

Among the range of equipment and accessories on display at Italy-based Comez S.p.A.’s booth
will be the Comeztronic CT-16B/400T crochet knitting machine and the Comez DNB/EL-800
double-needlebed crochet machine.With 16 weft pattern bars and electronic drives, the Comeztronic
CT-16B/400T is designed specifically for producing complex laces and flounces. The company says the
high number of bars and the electronic operation system allow elaborate patterns with long pattern
repeats to be created. Comez also adds that the technology is particularly suitable for
manufacturing underwear.

Comez DNB/EL-800corsets, netting, technical articles, and fabrics for clothing such as
scarves and shawls. It features a 800-millimeter working width and can process both synthetic and
natural yarns.The company says the machine is capable of creating double-faced articles with
identical structure and specifications on both sides, thus eliminating the existence of a front
side and back side of the fabric.

Fall 2004