CITME Technology: Brückner Presents Advanced Solutions

Brückner Presents Advanced Solutions

Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, producer of finishing lines for woven and
knitted fabrics and technical textiles, will present its latest products and introduce its new
after-sales services at CITME.Power-Line is a new generation of single-layer tenter, whose
trademarks include a combined fresh air/exhaust air concept with automatic air-flow control to
minimize energy consumption. According to Brückner, one of the advantages of the new tenter is the
capability to ideally adjust exhaust and fresh air volumes to the drying and heat-setting processes
by exhaust air humidity control and targeted fresh air supply to the individual compartments,
resulting in a considerable increase in drying capacity and minimum process heat
consumption.Opti-Shrink is a new line of modular compressive shrinking ranges that, according to
Brückner, is ideal for finishing woven fabrics, denim and even some delicate knitgoods.The company
says the new ranges yield benefits such as optimum compacting effect and thus minimum residual
shrinkage; maximum production speed with consistent fabric quality; and optimum and uniform fabric

Brückner Opti-Shrink compressive shrinking rangeOpti-Compact is a new softcompacting calender
for high-quality and open-width knitted fabrics. The company says the machine can substantially
reduce residual shrinkage potential and ensure a smooth, voluminous fabric hand.Other Brückner
products to be showcased at the show include Color-Therm, a new hotflue dryer; Infra-Therm, a new
infrared radiant dryer; and Opti-Relax, a new relaxation dryer. In addition to showcasing the above
products, Brückner also will introduce its after-sales services, which include three divisions. The
Field Service division guarantees the installation of Brückner machinery by a team of qualified
specialist fitters. The Parts division keeps a constant stock of the most important spare parts. In
addition, an Internet e-shop allows customers to buy parts on-line. The Technical
Support/Modifications division guarantees customers 24-hour assistance. It also develops machine
modifications and installation upgrades for customers.

Fall 2004