Thermex 6500 Reduces Dyeing Process Time

Thermex 6500 ReducesDyeing Process Time

Germany-based A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG has introduced the Thermex 6500,
the latest in its line of Thermex hotflue systems for knitted fabrics.The new modularly designed
loop dryer is the first Monforts hotflue equipped with Exxotherm indirect gas heating. It has a
fabric capacity of 51 meters, and a roller diameter of 140 millimeters (mm) or 180 mm.Suitable for
all reactive dyestuffs, the Thermex 6500 features the Econtrol™ Knit process, which reduces dyeing
time to just two minutes, achieves up to 5 percent to 8 percent higher yields, and can lower
production costs by 45 percent, according to the company.Other features include an ergonomically
designed control desk and two optional control systems — the standard Qualitex 540 or the Qualitex
740, a full-scale, programmable logic process controller with Monformatic system — that can be
connected to Monforts’ remote diagnostics system. New ST stabilization rollers with dual density
rubber coating allow fabric to be fed through the hotflue without leaving marks.

Spring 2004