New WeatherMax™ Fabrics Incorporates Unifi Yarns

New WeatherMax™ FabricsIncorporates Unifi Yarns

N.C.-based Unifi Inc. has announced that its recently introduced family of solution-dyed
yarns, Satura™, will be incorporated into WeatherMax™, a new solution-dyed polyester fabric
manufactured by Safety Fabric Technologies Inc., a Greenville, S.C.-based supplier of automotive
airbag and other industrial fabrics.According to the companies, WeatherMax will be used in a
variety of outdoor products to provide ultraviolet protection, breathability and water resistance.
Other applications include automotive upholstery, home furnishings, hosiery, apparel, and
industrial and medical textiles.According to Unifi, Satura yarns, available as set, stretch or
beamed, can be produced in an array of saturated colors (including custommatched colors); offer
superior color consistency; provide colorfastnessthat exceeds 1,000 hours; and can be cleaned by
bleach.WeatherMax products will be available to manufacturers by October 2003 and to consumers by
December 2003.

Fall 2003