Stretch The Creativity: Crystal International Launches The “Smart-Fit Denim Collection”

HONG KONG — April 25, 2024 — Crystal International Group Ltd.’s denim division has taken shaping innovation for stretch denim to the next level. The division, Crystal Denim, just launched its revolutionary “Smart-Fit” denim jeans, the new collection of shaping jeans. Inspired and driven by a sense of purpose to create the “perfect jeans” for all, Crystal Denim partnered with industry pioneers including Advance Denim and LYCRA, to create a collection of nine jeans that seamlessly blend comfort, impeccable style, and body-enhancing features, with the adoption of LYCRA’s FitSense® denim technology.

Crystal Denim launches the “Smart-Fit Denim Collection”.

Leveraging the 3D virtual technology during the design and product development process, Crystal Denim has conducted extensive analysis on the pressure points exerted by jeans on different body parts, such as tummy, waist, and thighs. The analysis allowed designers to create curvy engineering details that contour and shape diverse body types, while strategically activating stretch control areas for optimal effects. The development of the “Smart-Fit” jeans involved hundreds of trials and tests to control stretchability across various fabrications, washes and finishes, achieving the ultimate precision. Crystal Denim’s team of experts fine-tuned every parameter which might influence stretchability to strike a perfect balance between comfort, durability and shaping functionality.

With the technology, Crystal Denim enhances the stretchability of different body parts to make the jeans “Smart-Fit”.

The latest collection brings customizable fit solution, that fit perfectly in the body. The “Smart-Fit” jeans not only provide exceptional functional features, but also exude various styles. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the new collection offers different cut-seam details, silhouette and a variety of washes and finishes that cater to a wide range of preferences beyond the realm of skinny jeans. Both unique fit solution and denim authenticity could be upheld.

“Smart-Fit” strives to bring customisable fit solution that fit perfectly in the body.

“We feel excited to introduce the “Smart-Fit” jeans collection. This new move is the embodiment of our dedication to continuously refining the definition of “perfect jeans”, which should be empowering the customers to embrace their unique shapes and radiate confidence, while wearing the jeans with ultra comfort throughout the day,” said Miles Lam, assistant general manager at Crystal Denim.

Following the launch, Crystal Denim is currently working closely with the peers to explore wearing experiences and further fine-tune stretch control ability on various body shapes. The collection will expand and add more ranges of finishes, washes, and silhouettes, giving a wider selection of assortment for customers. Crystal International will strive to develop advanced innovative and sustainable solutions that make fashion fit all.

Posted: May 4, 2024

Source: Crystal International Group Limited