Filo With FiloFlow At Milano Unica

BIELLA, Italy — January 30, 2024 — Filo is taking part in Milano Unica (Rho Fiera Milan) from January the 30th to February the 1st, by showing the sustainable yarns of the FiloFlow project. The area dedicated to Filo is located in Hall 8, within the MU+ area.

Sustainability represents one of the fundamental aspects of the synergy existing between Filo and Milano Unica: for this reason, for some years, Filo has chosen to exhibit on this occasion just the yarns produced by those companies participating in FiloFlow, the sustainability project which is now including most of Filo’s exhibitors. On the other hand, concerning style and creativity, Filo is participating in the 38th edition of Milano Unica through the video entitled “Alchemies”, with the suggestions from the “Creative Dialogues” carried out by Gianni Bologna for the 60th Filo edition.

Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, says: “As an expression of a well-established synergy, the participation of Filo in Milano Unica is highly appreciated by the professionals working in textile industry, since it allows highlighting the power and the consistency of textile supply chain. We are linked to Milano Unica, first of all, by the proceeding of the supply chain, with Filo’s exhibitors which are increasingly providing materials to produce fabrics and accessories proposed at Milano Unica. However, we also share the choice to bring forward a concrete approach to the complex challenges that companies in the textile sector have to face: from digitalisation to training, up to frontiers that we would never have imagined a few years ago, as artificial intelligence and the prospects it can open up in our industry.

In particular, the cooperation between Filo and Milano Unica is laid on some issues which reflect the real interests of the companies: sustainable production, enhancement of sustainable creativity, products’ traceability, circularity and continuous research combining tradition and innovation. Filo is renewing its commitment on these concepts, in the belief that just a whole and cohesive supply chain can produce high-quality products, achieved by protecting both people and environment, in favour of competitiveness of our industry and of end-users”.

Filo awaits you at Milano Unica from January the 30th to February the 1st at Rho Fiera Milan, in Hall 8: you will find on display FiloFlow yarns and the video “Alchemies” showing Filo’s creative proposals.

Posted: January 30, 2024

Source: Filo