ERCA Textile Chemical Solutions is Born

GRASSOBBIO, Italy — January 17, 2024 — The news is now official: in January 2024 ERCA Textile Chemical Solutions TCS comes to life as an independent company within the ERCA Group and completely dedicated to the textile industry.

The decision to make ERCA TCS a separate company stems from the desire to focus exclusively on solutions for the textile industry and to build an agile entity oriented towards responsible research and production, while continuing to leverage a solid productive and financial background from ERCA S.p.A.

Thanks to its agile company structure and to the enhancement of its research & development area, ERCA TCS will be able to grasp with an even more readiness customer needs and transform them in an “engaging dialogue” that will lead to truly “pioneering” developments, offering even more promptly innovative chemical solutions that adhere to the principles of ethical-social, environmental, and economic responsibility.

ERCA TCS aims to be the unique and innovative point of reference for textile companies in terms of products and services specifically designed for the needs of a sector that is currently facing challenges and opportunities related to sustainability and responsible production

Fabio Locatelli, CEO of ERCA TCS and Associate of ERCA Group explains: “We established ERCA TCS with the goal of making it an international benchmark for sustainable innovation, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of the textile industry without ever giving up in performance and competitiveness.”

Locatelli continues: “The commitment to the well-being of people and the responsible use of the planet’s resources have always been in ERCA DNA, but having created a company expressly dedicated to the textile industry will allow us to focus on the research and development of products specifically designed to be increasingly innovative and sustainable. In the future, we would like to make ERCA TCS a platform capable of initiating education & training, sharing these innovations in a transparent and professional way. Something so necessary at times like these when communication is very loud but often the contents and their reliability are not verifiable. In summary, ERCA TCS will allow us to respond with responsible and high-quality productions to the green challenge that textile companies must face, and will act as a multiplier factor about good practices and about downstream conveyance of the values of our Group.”

ERCA TCS bases its activity on the principles of “green chemistry” to offer the textile industry chemical solutions that make concrete the concepts of safety, performance, and circularity. Its flagship product – REVECOL® – is born from critical waste materials (used vegetable oils) and present in abundance, which through a process attentive to environmental compatibility and safety, are transformed into a line of innovative, certified, high-performance chemical auxiliaries usable by the entire textile industry. For its exceptional characteristics, REVECOL® has met with immediate success in the textile industry, as demonstrated by the collaborations initiated with some of the most important companies in the sector. Now, thanks to the birth of ERCA TCS, targeted research and investments will allow for the further expansion of the range of products available for the textile industry.

ERCA Group has six plants in three macro-regions: Europe, Latin America, and Asia and produces chemical specialties and auxiliaries with an approach of responsible innovation. Its production covers several markets: textile, cosmetics, polyurethanes, concrete. It has a turnover of 150 million euros and employs 350 people worldwide, 100 of whom are in the sole Grassobbio plant.

Posted: January 18, 2024

Source: ERCA Textile Chemical Solutions