The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF): TreeToTextile AB (Sweden) Joins ITMF As Corporate Member

ZÜRICH, Switzerland — December 13, 2023 — The purpose of the TreeToTextile is to develop and industrialize a new innovative man-made cellulosic fiber technology that will provide textile fibers with good sustainability performance at an attractive cost-level. TreeToTextile’s goal is to deploy new technology for textiles made from cellulose and make it accessible for textile suppliers and brands around the world.

Mr. Christian Schindler, Director General of ITMF, stated that “welcoming TreeToTextile as a new Corporate Member of ITMF is an important sign that ITMF is an attractive international platform for both well-established companies as well as start-ups. To strengthen TreeToTextile’s international network with players from the entire global textile value chain is certainly a crucial point. In return, well-established companies in the value chain see the value as well as the transformative power of start-ups. More cooperation among all players in the value chain in necessary to accelerate the needed transformation of the industry towards a more sustainable future.”

Mr. Andreas Nilsson, Head of Commercial of TreeToTextile, stressed that “collaboration is one of the cornerstones in how TreeToTextile was founded. Every day we collaborate with our owners, research partners and team members to achieve our vision: “Better fibers to all”. We look forward to joining the unique international platform of ITMF and continue to build our network across the entire value chain. It offers a great opportunity to understand the development and the opportunities the textile industry is facing. We were happy to be awarded the ITMF Start-up Award 2023 earlier this fall and are looking forward to join future events and conferences that will provide us with useful information and analysis about the industry, to support our journey ahead.”

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Posted: December 13, 2023

Source: The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)