ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020 Exhibitor Preview: ITEMA GROUP Exhibits In China Together For The First Time

COLZATE, Italy — November 8, 2023 — Itema, the global provider of advanced weaving solutions, participates at ITMA Asia + CITME (Hall 3 – D08) in Shanghai presenting for the first time together in China the two newest ranges in its rapier weaving machines portfolio, the Itema R9500EVO and the Itema GalileoRX.

China is without doubt the main market for the whole textile machinery industry, and Itema makes no exception. For this reason, Itema has been present in China since 2002 with its local branch Itema Weaving Machinery China – today a top-notch organization counting more than 160 employees making up an extensive team of experts from different fields, including sales, after-sales, and spare parts services, along with a local team for operations, product and quality engineers. Skills, experience, and passion for textiles are the common denominators of Itema employees all over the world and the key factor to ensure precise production processes and textile expertise.

Thanks to this Customer-oriented approach, Itema is today the European weaving machinery manufacturer with the highest market share for rapier weaving machines produced and sold locally. Itema participates at ITMA Asia + CITME to present its technological offer, able to provide Asian weavers with the technology they need to weave any kind of fabric.

13 Itema Weaving Machines on show at ITMA Asia + CITME

Visitors to ITMA Asia + CITME will have multiple chances to learn more about the Itema weaving portfolio, with a total of 13 Itema weaving machines on display, of which 3 in the Itema booth (Hall 3 Booth D08) and the rest in Partner booths across Hall 3.

Itema booth will feature the following machines line-up:

  • The new Itema rapier weaving machine R9500EVO: the latest Itema weaving machine range gained a lot of interest from all over the world after the market launch at ITMA 2023 in Milan thanks to its significant innovations designed to raise the bar in terms of textile mastery, eco- efficiency, performance, and easy weaving. The R9500EVO on show (2200mm) will be weaving Wool fabric and will feature the iSAVER®fancy – one of the new versions of the iSAVER® range, now available in up to 6 colors and for many more applications, including luxurious fabrics such as wool, cashmere and wool blends, thus significantly increasing the contribution to sustainable weaving.
  • The first Itema GalileoRX rapier weaving machines on display at the Itema Group booth will be weaving Denim Double Stretch (2300mm). The machine will be equipped with iSAVER®eco, the iSAVER® model fine-tuned to weave denim
  • And the second Itema GalileoRX on show, in 2300mm weaving width, will be running an Apparel style. On its first appearance at ITMA Asia, the Itema rapier weaving machine GalileoRX has been launched in December 2022 and was specifically designed to combine the most innovative weaving technology with the unique advantages of accurate manufacturing in China. Born on the heritage of the most successful high-end rapier weaving machine assembled in China, the Itema R9000 and later R90002, GalileoRX features further technological and design advancements to fully meet the needs of the Chinese and Asian markets – a totally open platform configurable to meet exactly the weaver’s requirements.

Itema® Weaving Machines on show in partners’ booths

Itema weaving technology is traditionally recognized to be the preferred choice of textile machinery producers due to its superior versatility and textile mastery. Here lies the reason why a number of 10 Itema weaving machines will be exhibited in partner booths, encompassing Jacquard shedding machines manufacturers and label looms providers. In detail:

  • Itema R90002, 1900 mm and 2300 mm for Label, and Itema GalileoRX, 1900mm for Shoes, will be on display at Huzhou Hyundai (Julibao) booth (Hall 3 – C02)
  • Itema R90002, 1900mm, for Shoe fabrics will be present in the Tongxiang stand (Hall 3 – E04)
  • Saree fabrics will be on show in four different partner booths, including the Itema GalileoRX, 3800mm at the Song&Song booth (Hall 3 – A23), the Itema GalileoRX, 3800 mm, at the Qihui stand (Hall 3 – C23), the Itema GalileoRX, 3800 mm at Huiling booth, the Itema R90002, 3800 mm, at Jiabao stand (Hall 3 – D22)*
  • tema GalileoRX, 3400 mm, weaving Apparel fabric in WuMu booth (H3 – D28)
The Itema GalileoRX, 2400 mm featured at the Lilai booth will produce Label fabrics.

*Final style may vary according to partner choice

Itema Group: a complete offer for Asian markets

In addition to Itema’s weaving machines line-up, visitors can take advantage of the Group presence to discover the additional and valuable offerings that only Itema guarantees, including the new Itema Customer Portal HelloItema, OEM Spare Parts and After-Sales Support.

The company spare parts and after-sales teams will be on site to present fast and reliable service when it comes to offering Customers peace of mind through high-quality replacement parts, customized upgrade kits to optimize machine performance and retrofit latest Itema innovations on existing looms, electric, electronic and mechanic repairs to give new life to looms, as well as training to ensure Itema weavers get the most out of their weaving machines thanks to the ItemaCampus trainings available in 7 worldwide locations.

Lamiflex®, the leading supplier of technical composite products which entered Itema Group in 2017 – will be present at ITMA Asia in the Itema Group Booth (Hall 3 – D08) with its ample catalogue of key rapier weft transfer components such as flexible rapier tapes and sprocket wheels available for any weaving machines brand, with the guarantee of the best European quality and sector know-how and the advantage of a competitive offering.

Itema Group and its companies will welcome visitors in Hall 3 – Booth D08 with a product line-up designed to confirm and demonstrate its dedication to innovation and the Made in Italy excellence in the weaving sector and with many chances to deepen the Itema Group world and news.

Itema Technical Fabrics Open House in Itema Weaving Machinery China premises

Itema will take advantage of ITMA Asia to open the doors of its premises in Shanghai to host an Open House entirely dedicated to the world of technical textiles. The event will take place every day from November, 20th till November 22nd – and represents an unmissable occasion to deepen industry trends and discover more about the most complete weaving machine portfolio on the market to weave technical fabrics, ranging from Negative and Positive Rapier, to Monorapier for carbon fiber and fancy styles, Airjet and the legendary Projectile.

On show during the open house:

  • the Itematech monorapier Unirap weaving carbon tape fabric
  • the Itematech rapier Hercules weaving heavy filter fabric
  • the Itema rapier GalileoRX weaving fiberglass

The Itema Technical Fabrics open house in Itema Weaving Machinery China is an invitation-only event, but visitors of ITMA Asia exhibition can ask at the main Itema booth reception and profit of the daily shuttle bus to visit the event.

Posted: November 8, 2023

Source: Itema Group