PT. Embee Plumbon Tekstil (Indonesia) Joins International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) As Corporate Member

ZURICH — September 27, 2023 — Since PT Embee Plumbon Tekstil started its operations in 1999 in Indonesia the spinning company has evolved into one of the leading spinning companies in the world. Embee pursues a customer-focused approach by continuously upgrading its technology, by producing in a skillful manner, and by conducting comprehensive training programs. This approach allows setting the highest standards in product and process development.

Christian Schindler, director general of ITMF, stated that: “ITMF is very fortunate to welcome such a renowned spinning company as a new Corporate Member in its membership. companies like Embee demonstrate how important it is to offer quality products that the markets demand at a competitive price. ITMF offers Embee an environment that can be seen as sounding board. This helps Embee to better understand the company’s position in the global competition, to learn about the prevailing trends in the global industry and to identify suitable suppliers and customers”.

Vijay Agarwal, president director of PT. Embee Plumbon Tekstil, commented that: “by joining ITMF we become a part of a unique universe of the global textile supply chain. It is important for Embee to look beyond the daily business and develop a feeling for the evolution of the industry. A forum like ITMF offers just that. To have access to ITMF’s data, survey, webinars, and its international network across the entire textile value chain provides intangible value for us. Engaging with colleagues from around the world in an atmosphere of trust is very valuable.”

Posted: October 9, 2023

Source: International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)