Lenzing Fiber Identification System Guarantees Traceability Of LENZING™ FR Fibers In Protective Wear

Protective Wear used in the metal industry

LENZING, Austria — October 23, 2023 — Lenzing Group, a global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, is addressing the increasing need for material transparency and traceability in protective wear by utilizing the Lenzing Fiber Identification System for LENZING™ FR (flame resistant) cellulosic fibers. The system, which can identify LENZING™ FR fibers at every stage of production, guarantees unparalleled traceability, quality assurance, and trust in protective garments. Lenzing is also continuing its solid efforts in reducing carbon emissions by ensuring LENZING™ FR protective wear made from modal-based fibers set a new standard in responsible production processes. Carbon neutral LENZING™ FR fibers, certified by ClimatePartner, are also available to address growing sustainability needs in the industry.

Protective Wear used in the metal industry

“The growing demand for supply chain transparency among industry partners and consumers highlights the vital role of technology, like the Lenzing Fiber Identification System, has in guaranteeing the authenticity of LENZING™ FR fibers used in protective wear. This technology is becoming more important in today’s industry landscape, as material traceability and supply chain transparency will gradually become essential requirements in public and private procurement processes,” said Oliver Spöcker, Director Workwear & Protective Wear, Lenzing. “With over 45 years of industry experience in FR cellulosic fiber production, Lenzing provides high quality FR cellulosic fibers that deliver superior protection and durability through our extensive fiber portfolio. Thanks to our Fiber Identification System and industry know-how, we can ensure that authentic ingredients used in protective garments can provide the optimal protection required in accordance to relevant industry requirements.”

Fiber Identification System boosts confidence in supply chain

LENZING™ FR fibers are manufactured using renewable raw material wood sourced from controlled and certified forests in Austria and Central Europe in accordance with the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp policy. As one of the world’s oldest and most experienced companies in the industry, Lenzing is an enabler of supply chain transparency by ensuring traceability of Lenzing’s cellulosic fibers. The Lenzing Fiber Identification System can identify LENZING™ FR fibers at every stage of production, providing quality control and authenticity assurance. The system provides value chain partners with peace of mind that genuine, premium Lenzing fibers are used, enhancing their confidence in the supply chain. LENZING™ FR fibers are available with FSC or PEFC certification upon request and have been granted BioPreferred designation by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Prioritizing reduction of carbon emissions during production processes

LENZING™ FR fibers are produced using a fully integrated production process that uses more than 83% of renewable energy, resulting in 80% lower greenhouse gas emissions than generic modal fibers1. Carbon neutral LENZING™ FR fibers2, certified by ClimatePartner, are also available as an option for value chain partners who are keen on reducing their carbon footprint without compromising protection and comfort.

Raising the bar for protective garments

Certified by EU Ecolabel3, LENZING™ FR fibers are used in protective garments of firefighters, military, police, and oil and gas and metal manufacturing industries in more than 100 countries. Setting new quality standards in the industry, protective garments made of LENZING™ FR fibers are light, breathable, soft, and comfortable even in extreme heat conditions. Additionally, LENZING™ FR fibers have met the definition of “inherently flame retardant and resistant fibers” as specified by the European Man-made Fibers Association (CIRFS). LENZINGTM FR fibers are also offered in a variety of colors using Eco Color technology, with up to 50% of energy and water savings and a 60% reduced carbon footprint than conventional resource-intensive dyeing method4. With long-lasting color fastness and design flexibility, LENZING™ FR fibers do not require additional color processing by yarn makers or fabric mills and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing.

Lenzing will showcase the industry’s first environmentally friendly firefighter garment at the A+A trade fair (booth 16/C56) in Germany on 24-27 October 2023. With a focus on circularity, the firefighter garment comprises of more than 50% of LENZING™ FR fiber content in all layers, including a significant amount of mechanically recycled LENZING™ FR and other high performance fibers.

1 Details of the certification are available on the TENCELTM website. Find out more: www.tencel.com/true-carbon-zero

2 Carbon neutrality is achieved by measuring, reducing and offsetting remaining carbon emissions by financing carbon compensation

projects (e.g. reforestation projects) and by retiring carbon credits so that the impact of global warming of the product’s carbon footprint is calculated as zero.

3 The EU Ecolabel is recognized in all member states of the European Union, as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. The voluntary label, introduced by an EU regulation in 1992 (Regulation EEC 880/92), has gradually become a reference point for consumers who want to help reduce pollution by purchasing more environmentally-friendly products and services

4 Details about energy and water savings and reduced carbon footprint can be found in our Lenzing for Protective Wear brochure.

Posted: October 23, 2023

Source: Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft