Hyosung Elevates Innovation In Bespoke Sustainable Textile Solutions

SEOUL, South Korea — September 25, 2023 — Furthering its commitment to continuous innovation and providing sustainable solutions for diverse needs across the value chain, Hyosung will introduce a unique offering of certified sustainable materials, which it will present at Performance Days Munich, Kingpins Amsterdam, and Functional Fabric Fair Portland this fall.

Creating a more powerful, traceable sustainable story, Hyosung is expanding its creora® Bio-Based spandex offering to include various options for the yarn to be made with a higher content of renewable resources. Hyosung was the first company to commercially introduce USDA and SGS-certified creora® Bio-Based spandex made with 30% renewable resources in 2021, which has been successfully adopted by leading global brands. According to an independent 3rd party LCA, the manufacture of 1kg creora® Bio-Based spandex reduces its carbon footprint by 20% as compared to the production 1kg of conventional spandex.

“We are very excited to follow the success of our creora® Bio-Based spandex with a second phase of third-party certified fibres made with a higher content of renewable resources to meet consumer demand for traceable, bio-based products,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Hyosung Global Marketing Director – Textiles. “Customers will now have the opportunity to select the option that meets their needs.”

At Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair, Hyosung will also present new innovations in its GRS-certified, 100% post-consumer recycled regen Ocean nylon made from discarded fishing nets. The company recently collaborated with Dimension-Polyant, the world’s largest sailcloth producer and manufacturer of durable X-Pac® waterproof laminates developed for packs and bags, who has adopted the fibre in the construction of its best-selling X-Pac® VX21 Black – a four-layer laminate that’s rugged, flexible, and waterproof.

“We are proud Dimension-Polyant, a company who shares our passion for the ocean, has selected our 100% recycled regen Ocean nylon made from discarded fishing nets in its X-Pac® laminate collection,” said Roman Park, Hyosung Performance Leader – Nylon and Polyester. “I believe that collaboration along the supply chain is how great products are created and we are thrilled that Dimension-Polyant has joined our growing number of valued partners who’ve adopted our specialty fibers.”

At Kingpins Amsterdam, a trade show devoted to the denim community, Hyosung will present new innovations with its creora® 3D Max spandex – for denim you want to live in.  Hyosung’s creora® 3D Max spandex delivers high-performance stretch and recovery with a very small portion of spandex content uniquely allowing the garment to be recycled.

Anticipating denim brand needs, Hyosung has added the following creora® 3D Max spandex offerings to include sustainable and functional version of the fibre that matches the same performance and recyclability benefits as conventional creora® 3D Max spandex.  They include USDA and SGS-certified creora® Bio-Based 3D Max spandex, RCS certified, 100% recycled creora® regen 3D Max spandex made from industrial waste, and creora® Easy 3D Max spandex that provides soft power, excellent stretch and is recyclable.

“As a complete sustainable textile solutions provider, we are proud of our ability to continually innovate and offer materials that support our customers’ sustainability needs,” said Whitmarsh-Knight.

To help product developers and designers conceive garments made with its innovative yarns, Hyosung will present a broad assortment of multi-function fabrics and concept garments developed by its Fashion Design Center (FDC) at each show.

Posted: September 25, 2023

Source: Hyosung