Lectra Launches VectorFashion iX2 And VectorFashion Q2, A New Generation Of Intelligent, Connected Cutting Equipment For The Fashion Industry

PARIS — July 11, 2023 — Lectra supports the transformation of fashion, automotive and furniture players by providing them with technological solutions that accelerate their transition to a more efficient and more sustainable Industry 4.0. The Group announces the launch of a new generation of intelligent, connected low-ply equipment for the fashion industry, VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2. They are particularly well suited to ensuring a quick, easy transition from small-volume production to larger order volumes, while maintaining optimal cutting quality. Developed with an eco-design approach, their environmental and social impact has been significantly improved.

In fashion, the current trend is towards capsule collections and the constant renewal of products. Manufacturers therefore have to produce smaller volumes of the same design and the number of orders to process and materials to cut is increasing. VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2 allow manufacturers to cut variable volumes in an agile manner, in all types of materials.

“As economies of scale are increasingly difficult to achieve, fashion manufacturers need to gain flexibility while controlling the costs associated with the production of the orders they receive. With optimized running costs and enhanced performance, the new generation of VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2 cutting solutions offers them a better return on investment, and helps them increase their margins while also reducing their environmental footprint. As corporate social responsibility is a major priority for Lectra, we have reinforced the integration of eco-design principles in the development of this new range. This enables our customers to meet the fashion industry’s two major challenges: reducing energy and material consumption,” explains Maximilien Abadie, chief product officer at Lectra.

A reduced environmental footprint

Fashion players also have increasingly high expectations regarding the environmental footprint of their business. Lectra meets their needs by applying eco-design principles. VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2 use 30- to 40-percent less energy than the previous versions, which were already renowned for their energy performance, for superior efficiency. They weigh 200 kg less than their predecessors, and are more compact in size. As a result, the carbon footprint associated with transporting the equipment, and with the resources used in its production and maintenance, is also significantly reduced.

Ergonomics and operator protection, Lectra’s key concerns, have been completely reconsidered, with the introduction of new standards for electronic cards, the integration of motion detection radars, and the reduction of equipment noise levels. This guarantees optimum operator comfort and safety, while minimizing equipment downtime.

More connectivity, more intelligence, more efficiency

VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2 offer a high level of connectivity thanks to numerous built-in sensors, which makes them fully compatible with Industry 4.0.

Thanks to data intelligence and improved connectivity, manufacturers have all the data they need to increase the efficiency of their processes, boost productivity, improve product quality and better meet the challenges of tomorrow.

They also benefit from new associated services, as well as predictive maintenance with enriched digital content for greater autonomy. Maintenance operations are halved, resulting in lower consumable costs, and a significant increase in equipment availability compared to the previous generation.

Posted: July 20, 2023

Source: Lectra