Sonovia’s Breakthrough Green Technology To Be Used In Denim Development

TEL AVIV, Israel — May 4, 2023 — The Israeli company Sonovia, in a partnership with Italian denim developer PureDenim has signed an agreement with French luxury group Kering to develop and install Sonovia’s revolutionary indigo yarn dyeing technology into their denim production lines. Kering, a renowned company that owns several prestigious fashion houses, has been seeking to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.

Traditional indigo yarn dyeing processes are water intensive requiring on average 60,000 liters of water per process, and rely on polluting chemicals such as hydrosulfite. Sonovia’s D(y)ENIM indigo yarn dyeing ultrasound technology dramatically reduces the usage of water in the textile dyeing process by up to 85%, and is 100% hydrosulfite free.

The agreement with Kering to appraise Sonovia’s technology for their denim production is a transformational shift that moves the world of fashion away from the industries water consumption, chemical waste, and energy expenditure.

With jeans being one of the most widely worn articles of clothing around the world, Sonovia’s D(y)ENIM indigo yarn dyeing tech is set to markedly impact the sustainability of one of the world’s most polluting industries by greatly reducing denim manufacturing pollution. Sonovia and PureDenim have been working together since early 2022 on the development and scale-up of the D(y)ENIM technology.

Gigi Caccia, CEO and owner of PureDenim, says that “Sonovia’s technology is the ultimate step towards near-zero-impact indigo dyeing. Having forward-looking partners like Sonovia and Kering gives us courage to take on challenges that until yesterday seemed unattainable.”

Roy Hirsch, Chief Business Officer (CBO) at Sonovia affirms: “This agreement with Kering, who are of the most recognized luxury brands in the world, is confirmation that Sonovia’s indigo dyeing technology is the future technology for the textile industry. The agreement will revolutionize the textile industry and increase sustainability in the fashion world.”

Posted: May 16, 2023

Source: Sonovia Ltd