ITMA 2023 Exhibitor Preview: AB Card Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

NEW DELHI — April 10, 2023 — AB Card Clothing Pvt. Ltd., a member of Ashton group and  manufacturer of precision components, will show its products at ITMA, Milan, Stand No. E113, Hall No. H1 from June 8th to 14th, 2023.

ABCC aims to reduce costs and improve productivity by quality & cost effective products.

  • Felting Needles for non woven needle punching machines.
  • Metallic Card Clothing for non woven, woolen, worsted, semi-worsted, waste 
opening, recycling, garneting, etc.
  • Flexible Card Clothing for carding wools, synthetics, cotton and blends.
  • Raising/Brushing Fillets for fabric finishing. 
Other products from group companies:
  • Synthetic Condenser Rubbing Aprons for wool, recycled, synthetic cotton waste etc.
  • Condenser Tapes – Web diving tapes having synthetic & natural leather for wool, synthetic, cotton & blends etc.
  • Plain / Spiked Lattice Conveyors – Fibre, web & cross lapping conveyors in various Combination & Permutations in wood, plastic, aluminium, PVC & PU.
  • Leather / Rubber Nylon Sandwich Belts & Spindle Tapes
  • Wooden / Aluminium Lags With Pins for rag tearing & waste opening
  • Doffer Comb Blades
  • PU Round Belts
  • Combing Aprons & Leather Aprons

Contact persons will be available Ashwani Bindal & Rohan Bindal at the booth.

Posted: April 19, 2023

Source: AB Card Clothing Pvt. Ltd.