Thai Acrylic fibre Co. Ltd. (TAF) Launches “Waste Nothing” Video Campaign

BANGKOK — November 7, 2022 — Thai Acrylic fibre Co. Ltd. has launched their new video campaign called “Waste Nothing” for their latest fibre brand Regel™ fibre, positioning the recycled fibre as an effective sustainable option for the textile and apparel industry.

Waste generation & management is one of the key sustainability challenges of the textile industry and therefore recycling waste to obtain second life fibre is one of the most preferred and prevalent ways to reduce the environment impact. The campaign highlights about the key process of Regel™ and how its technology can ensure that all the properties associated with regular acrylic fibre are still maintained in Regel™ despite being recycled.

“Recycling acrylic waste is very challenging, but we managed to develop Regel™ technology that can overcome all the challenges there may have. The campaign aims to shows how Regel™ can help reduce the amount of textile waste ended up on landfill and incineration of acrylic textiles. It is also shown that Regel™ has good environment footprint throughout the life cycle,” says Tuhin Kulshreshtha, Head of Marketing, TAF.

Regel™ is recycled acrylic fibre, made from recycling acrylic waste that was developed as a result of growing demand of sustainable fashion products from global consumers, brands and retailers. “Regel™ is a unique innovation as it is one of the first successful commercialization of acrylic fibre produced by recycling the waste. It is manufactured with an authentic and intimate chemical recycling process which is functionally equivalent to acrylic fibre like warmth, comfort, and vibrant shades. Regel™ is a GRS certified acrylic fibre and bluesign® APPROVED.

Posted: November 9, 2022

Source: Thai Acrylic fibre Co. Ltd. (TAF)