FiloFow, Sustainability According To Filo

BIELLA, Italy— April 20, 2022 — In 2019, Filo launched the FiloFlow project with a specific goal: making the commitment of its exhibiting companies for sustainable products, production processes, and their ethical and social attitude clear to the general public. According to Filo, the commitment can be made explicit only with a global view to the textile supply chain to achieve truly sustainable and traceable products. The results reached by FiloFlow prove that the companies really appreciated this kind of approach.

FiloFlow is a long-term project, it is a “Project for supply chain’s traceability” – as Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, Responsible for Filo, has defined it – “In our approach the concept of sustainability immediately merges with traceability and synergies along the production pipeline”.

Filo’s nine criteria of sustainability refer to the use of chemicals, water and energy consumption, recycling, combined with others related to social sustainability’s model towards the stakeholders and the ecosystem.

The very positive results achieved by Filo exhibiting companies are summed up in a number of diagrams, which you can find on Filo website. Just a few examples are enough to understand the commitment of FiloFlow companies to increasingly proper production solutions from an environmental and ethical point of view. In fact, 87% of companies use raw materials originating from pre and post-consumer recycling, while 97% use certified raw materials. 85% have developed a traceability program for their supply chain. 70% internally recycle their processing waste. 81% of FiloFlow companies have a certification relating to chemical management.

Posted: April 21, 2022

Source: Filo