Soorty Launches Newest Denim Laundry Innovation: ZERO STONE

KARACHI, Pakistan — November 10, 2021 — Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company has announced its newest innovation, ZERO STONE, a future-proof innovation that will revolutionize the traditional stonewash in the denim laundry. ZERO STONE offers several environmental and social advantages in the denim world, such as minimal use of natural resources, positive effluent discharge, increase in the speed of production permitting usage of lower laser power & prevention of fabric tearing during laundry.

For years, Soorty has invested in disruptive technologies and developed environmentally and socially conscious denim laundry systems that help in reducing the use of water, chemicals, and energy. It places a strong focus on planet protection, human value, and commitment to its worker’s health and safety. Soorty creates a wide variety of sustainable washes, from traditional vintage washes to unique & innovative fashion styles with a sustainable mindset.


ZERO STONE – the newest pillar of Soorty’s Smart Laundry system that helps achieve the stonewash appearance in denim garments without using the conventional pumice stones. This new method allows savings of resources like water, energy & chemical. With traditional stonewash, the pumice stones and denim garments are put together in an industrial washing machine where garments are repeatedly pounded and beaten in a tumbler. Which eventually gives jeans a vintage and worn look on a freshly made garment.

ZERO STONE replicates the visuals of traditionally made garments but reduces the use of water and implements a positive effluent discharge rather than the emission of hazardous chemicals. Further minimizing the use of natural resources, the innovation transforms sustainable garment manufacturing at scale.

With this technology, enchanted wash effects are achieved at the lowest 1:1 liquor ratio. In comparison to the conventional stone wash, ZERO STONE consumes 43% less water, 18% less energy, 19% less chemical, and 5% less worker impact per garment. This means a great amount of water, chemicals & stones that are used in the traditional stonewash process are now saved.

Denim laundries have a critical role in water pollution & depletion of natural resources. Soorty is committed to sustainable garment production at scale for denim garments that look & feel fashionable while respecting our planet by using its resources smartly. Soorty defines themselves as engineers at heart with a need to be restorative by design. Innovation is radical responsibility & we are crafting our future with this consciousness, step by step, every single day. Soorty is dedicated to becoming the world’s most responsible denim producer at scale.

Posted November 10, 2021

Source: Soorty Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.