Advancement Association For Digital Textiles And Frontier To Host First Annual World Digital Textile Forum

TAIPEI, Taiwan — November 16, 2021 — The global textile industry is undergoing profound changes as it adopts and leverages new digital textile trends such as sustainable alternative materials, 3D design, technology-driven functional smart manufacturing processes, and the adoption of digital textile technologies.

By adopting these new approaches, the textile industry can become an innovator with an integrated value chain focusing on high-quality, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient materials.

The digital transformation will reduce pollution and inventory by developing a greener approach to the original design manufacturing (ODM) process — facilitating the goal of reduced waste, no returns, less shipping, and future net-zero carbon emissions.

To build the textile metaverse and share insights to both suppliers and brands, The Advancement Association for Digital Textiles (AADT), a Taiwan-based non-profit association aiming to make Taiwan’s textile industry the global pivotal manufacturing and sourcing hub for innovative, sustainable, and intelligent textiles; and Frontier, a digital fabric platform utilizing AI to efficiently unleash productivity from offline to online, have partnered to hold the first annual World Digital Textile Forum taking place online November 16-19, 2021.

AADT and co-organizer Frontier will be joined by industry figureheads from WhichPLM, Virtuality Fashion, AADT, Browzwear, SO REAL Digital Twins, The Interline, Vizoo GmbH, Hanin, Six Atomic Pte. Ltd., Amazon Global Selling Taiwan, and DIGITIMES Asia.

“AADT aims to utilize digital energy to create a co-working model for the apparel and fashion industries, transforming the traditional textile industry – which is oriented towards OEM and order taking – into a cross-domain innovative sector in this digital era,” said Nicole Chan, Chairperson of AADT and former chairperson of the National Communications Commission.

“The digital textile processes predominantly take place in APAC,” said Victor Chao, CEO of “In the pursuit of faster and cheaper shipments, brands must not just sacrifice the cost of the supply chain but to also use digital power to improve the textile industry. Production capacity and wisdom will allow textile practitioners to have a higher output value to enhance their lives. In addition, it will enable consumers to buy affordable, well-fitting, and low-carbon clothing.”

The Forum will take place online on Tuesday, November 16 at 10:00 am (GMT) and will run through Friday, November 19. Registration is free for a limited time.

Posted November 16, 2021

Source: The Advancement Association for Digital Textiles (AADT)