JUKI Launches New ShuHaRi App And E-Learning Solutions

MIAMI, Fla. — September 27, 2021 — JUKI America, Inc., the world supplier of sewing technology for 75 years, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ShuHaRi app and e-learning solutions. The free ShuHaRi app was designed to help JUKI sewing machine operators with daily maintenance of their machines, with step-by-step instructions available directly on their smartphones. The paid e-learning program was created to educate individuals and groups in the sewing industry with different modules on training a sewing machine operator or management in sewing machine plants.

“The garment and manufacturing industries were amongst the hardest hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the shortage of qualified technicians and teachers in these fields has been a huge burden,” said Sebastian Vasquez, Juki America Manager. “If there is a silver lining to our current situation, it is that we are now in a new digital age, where machine maintenance is as simple as opening an app, and education is as easy as taking online courses. That is why we are pleased to offer the new ShuHaRi app and e-learning solutions for sewing machines operators and plant managers throughout the Americas.”

ShuHaRi – Mastering the Basics of JUKI Sewing Machine Maintenance

JUKI’s new ShuHaRi app is a free inspection support system designed for the effective use of JUKI sewing machines and the support of factory personnel. The app offers a step-by-step learning process, derivative of the Japanese meaning of “Shu Ha Ri,” which translates to keeping (Shu), applying (Ha), and developing (Ri) the basics.

ShuHaRi app users can access daily, 3-month, and 6-month inspection modules, which all record the name of the inspector as well as the inspection results. Users can also register replacement parts to be ordered for their JUKI machines directly from the app, which will be sent directly to their factory’s purchasing department, making maintenance and upkeep as streamlined as possible.

Ultimately, ShuHaRi aims to reduce the load on technicians and ensure factories are buying genuine parts to ensure the longevity of their JUKI machines.

E-learning – Educating Sewing Machine Operators and Factory Managers

JUKI’s new e-learning program offers online learning modules for sewing machine operators and training managers in garment and textile plants—regardless of whether or not they own a JUKI. The program provides hands-on sewing exercises to teach novice and beginner operators about different sewing techniques, as well as the operations and management side of sewing and garment plants.

Users can choose between individual learning management style or group style courses. Students learn via video modules, and are tested on their understanding of the subject matter after each module is completed. Course modules include:

  • Apparel industry and apparel production flow
  • Basic knowledge of sewing machines, needles and threads
  • Operation and adjustment of Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  • Practice of lockstitch sewing machine based on operation standards
  • Using and adjusting the overlock sewing machine
  • Basic knowledge of sewing – Lockstitching Course

To apply to download the ShuHaRi app, fill out the form at https://www.juki.co.jp/industrial_e/service_e/shuhari/form.php.

To apply for the e-learning courses, fill out the form at https://www.juki.co.jp/industrial_e/service_e/elearning/form.php.

For more information about JUKI America, Inc.’s products and services, visit juki.com.

Posted September 27, 2021

Source: JUKI America, Inc.