ANDRITZ To Supply A Second High-Speed Spunlace Line To Zhejiang Saintyear Textile, China

GRAZ, Austria — June 11, 2021— International technology Group ANDRITZ has received a repeat order from Zhejiang Saintyear Textile Co., Ltd., based in China, to supply a second, complete neXline spunlace line for the production of premium-quality nonwoven roll goods. The line is scheduled for start-up during the third quarter of 2022.

No later than nine months after placing a first order for a complete high-speed spunlace line, Zhejiang Saintyear Textile has decided to rely on ANDRITZ once again by purchasing another complete line dedicated to the production of first-class wipes. The production capacity will be up to 2,800 kg/h for lightweight fabrics.

ANDRITZ will provide a full line with state-of-the-art equipment – from web forming to drying. The scope of supply includes the precise opening and blending machinery from Laroche – newly acquired by the ANDRITZ GROUP, two inline TT cards, a proven JetlaceEssentiel unit for hydroentanglement, and the efficient neXdry through-air dryer.

Mr. Li Yi Ming, CEO, says “Spunlace nonwovens are definitely a must nowadays due to their versatility, and we want to offer our customers the best-quality nonwovens. Hence, we had to go for the benchmarking company in the production of premium roll goods. This is why we have decided to rely on an ANDRITZ nonwovens system offering the best performance and runnability. We have already purchased one complete spunlace line recently from ANDRITZ that will go into operation in mid-2022. Project execution is running so smoothly so far that we did not hesitate to renew our trust by ordering a second line.”

Founded in 1981, Zhejiang Saintyear Textile Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of Saintyear Holding Group and one of the world leaders in the fabrics industry. With an annual output of more than 500 million meters of different fabrics, ranging from cottons, hemp and blending fibers to yarn-dyed and technical textiles, the company has become a major partner for domestic and famous international brands of clothing.

Posted June 11, 2021

Source: International technology group ANDRITZ