Hyosung Introduces Its Expanded regen Sustainability Offering Featuring 100-Percent Recycled, Multi-Function Fibers At ISPO Munich Online

SEOUL, South Korea — January 30, 2021 — As we begin to dream of and conceive a post COVID-19 world, we realize that several trends developed during the pandemic will continue — namely clothing that provides comfort and reassurance, and that’s made with sustainable sources. Additionally, this clothing needs to be multi-functional in that it can cross the boundaries between home wear, activewear and outdoor wear. And, it must last overtime.

As a solutions provider across the value chain from mill to brand to consumer, Hyosung consistently forecasts market trends to develop a comprehensive fiber offering to help its customers envision products that suit these trends. The company will present many its new sustainable and multi-function regen fibers at ISPO Munich Online February 1-5, 2021.

“We are experiencing significant interested in our 100-percent GRS recycled creora® spandex, Mipan regen nylon, and regen polyester — all of which save valuable resources from being removed from the earth,” said Mike Simko, global marketing director Hyosung -Textiles. “Having such a comprehensive package of recycled, multi-function fibers is quite unique and we’re excited to offer our partners the best possible range of sustainable product offerings.”

In addition to its 100-percent recycled regen creora spandex, Mipan regen nylon, regen polyester, Hyosung will present its recycled regen multi-function offering to include:

  • regen askin/ MIPAN regen aqua X: cool-touch polyester and nylon with UV protection;
  • MIPAN regen robic: high-tenacity nylon;
  • regen cotna: cotton-like polyester with the feel of a natural fiber;
  • regen aerocool: rapid moisture absorbing and drying polyester;
  • regen aerosilver: anti-microbial polyester; and
  • regen aerolight: lightweight polyester with high-performance moisture management.

Hyosung is proud to have one of its new fabrics selected as a top 10 finalist in ISPO Textrends Outer Layer Category — a multi-function, performance stretch Dobby woven made with askin cool-touch polyester and creora ActiFit spandex with added UV protection for excellent fit and recovery.

Posted January 29, 2021

Source: Hyosung