Gerber Technology Experiencing Tremendous Revenue Growth In China Through Innovation And Digital Transformation Initiatives

SHANGHAI — January 26, 2021 — In the last 9 months, Gerber has experienced tremendous revenue growth in China driven by its digital transformation and innovation initiatives to help brands, retailers and manufacturers get the efficiency, productivity, quality and ROI they need to stay competitive. Over the last several months, Gerber has set forth an aggressive plan to digitize the fashion, furniture, automotive and technical textile industries by introducing new innovations to the Chinese market that will drive business transformation to improve productivity.

Edward Wang

“With much uncertainty still ahead, we are very proud to support the digitalization initiatives of our customers in China. We are committed to being the best partner for our customers,” said Edward Wang, vice president and general manager of APAC for Gerber Technology. “Through our recent Shanghai Innovation Center expansion initiative and the launch of the Gerber Atria™ Digital Cutter, we are proud to offer our customers the best experience and innovations to help them achieve greater productivity and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.”

Gerber’s Shanghai Innovation Center demonstrates the latest innovations for both mass production and on-demand manufacturing, demonstrating how companies can digitally transform their supply chain and achieve best in class performance. The recently upgraded innovative space features a full made-to-measure workflow that turns orders into final products in less than one hour. The workflow is complete with TG3D’s body scanning technology, the powerful AccuMark® Made-to-Measure, AccuMark, and AccuNest™ software and Gerber’s vision-based single ply cutters.

At its annual ideation conference in November, Gerber launched the Gerber Atria Digital Cutter, which provides significant throughput uplift and excellent cutting quality. Since its release less than 60 days ago, 17 different companies have decided that Atria is the solution they need on their digital transformation journey.

“I am very impressed by Gerber Technology’s industry leading end-to-end solutions,” said Peter Liu, vice president of China National Apparel Technology & Innovation Institute, after he visited the Shanghai Innovation Center. “The automated customization solution that Gerber Technology offers is not only unique, but also very cost-competitive. I look forward to the important role that Gerber is going to play in shaping the future customization industry with their innovation DNA and technologies.”

Throughout the pandemic, the Gerber team has continued to invest in its products and services in China and recently expanded its team in Northern China to better support those customers.

Posted January 26, 2021

Source: Gerber Technology