Oerlikon Barmag: Modernized AS H 32 And AS H 38 Yarn Suction Devices – Manual Lever Now Even More Ergonomic

REMSCHEID, Germany — November 26, 2020 — Finer adjustment of the yarn suction force, lower compressed air consumption for the same yarn tension, smooth, ergonomic compressed-air valve — all promises fulfilled by the modernized AS H 32 and AS H 38 yarn suction devices.

Also known as hand injectors, these yarn suction devices are standard components of all spinning positions. The AS H 32- and AS H 38-series high-performance hand injectors are superior to those of other manufacturers, above all as a result of their lower compressed air consumption for the same yarn tension. This is made possible due to the higher yarn suction forces, particularly in the case of the AS H 38 series. In addition to this, string-up without ‘ramp-up’ is possible in certain applications. Also new is a smoother, more ergonomic compressed-air valve, which makes deploying the yarn suction devices more comfortable for users. Furthermore, the required yarn suction force can be adjusted more finely.

The new ‘high-performance devices’ have been designed for applications that require a particularly high suction performance. For several months now, they have been successfully operating in pilot projects within the context of a BCF yarn application in Europe and a tape yarn system located in the US.

Posted November 26, 2020

Source: Oerlikon