The Road To Recovery: How The TENCEL™ Brand Responds To COVID-19 With Ambitions To Further Strengthen The Global Sustainability Movement

LENZING, Austria — November 4, 2020 — As 2020 draws to an end, the world is still confronting challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. People, corporations, and countries have suffered insurmountable losses, and the future is murky. Nonetheless, the unified spirit and efforts of people to social distance and stay-at-home have brought positive impacts, and the TENCEL™ brand observed that it has led to a renewed focus on quality of life: personal health, the wellbeing of people around us and future generations, and the environment.

Despite unconventional challenges, the TENCEL™ brand has remained driven in its advocacy for sustainability toward textile business customers and consumers. The brand conducted an extensive global survey to analyze consumers’ purchasing trends and behaviors in ethical apparel and home textiles, as well as unveiled its “true carbon zero” campaign to commit to a 50% reduction in its carbon emissions by 2030 and a net-carbon-zero goal by 2050. Looking forward to a holistic recovery, the TENCEL™ brand will continue to work closely with stakeholders to initiate projects and collaborations to further promoting greater eco-consciousnesses and sparking industry reform.

Here is an overview of the latest TENCEL™ brand stories:

Lenzing turns commitment into action and launches carbon-zero TENCEL™ branded fibers to kickstart the decarbonization of the textile industry

Lenzing unveiled its TENCEL™ “true carbon zero” campaign and carbon zero TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers in another bold move towards lowering carbon emissions and energy consumption across its supply chain. Lenzing also introduced a leading approach to carbon neutrality with “reduce-engage-offset”, designed to lead the company to a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and net carbon-zero status by 2050.

Lenzing Survey shows that “Transparency” is key for apparel and home textiles brands to win consumer trust

Surveying 9,000 conscious consumers across nine countries, Lenzing released its “Global Consumer Perception Survey on Sustainable Raw Materials in Apparel and Home Textiles” to access their perceptions and behaviors towards sustainable clothing and home textile products. Key findings of the survey provide insights to better understand consumer habits, what influences their buying decisions, and the need for greater industry transparency.

TENCEL™ brand wins global awards for integrated marketing communication efforts to advocate for sustainability

This year, the TENCEL™ “Feels So Right” movement won the “Global PR Breakthrough” award at the PRWeek Global Awards, and three awards at the SABRE Asia-Pacific Awards. Additionally, at the Content Marketing Awards, the TENCEL™ Denim team also won the “Best Topic Specific Blog” for “Carved in Blue”. Each prestigious award is a testament to the TENCEL™ brand’s hard work through various communications channels and activities to advocate for the fiber industry and eco-conscious fashion.

Camper collaborates with TENCEL™ to launch sustainable fibers footwear collection through innovative techniques to create a sleek winter style

The TENCEL™ brand joins forces with Camper to continue pushing the boundaries with design-driven innovation and unique seasonal collections. Camper is the first footwear brand to feature a knitted upper women’s boot using TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, and the TENCEL™ brand strives to continue collaborating with like-minded partners to further drive sustainability in the industry.

Sustainability is not only a trend: Flavia La Rocca on her latest TENCEL™ Luxe-based collection

For many designers, creating fashion in a responsible and sustainable way has become increasingly important, but for Flavia La Rocca, an award-winning designer from Italy, it’s now the only way. Lenzing spoke with Flavia to talk about her love for TENCEL™ Luxe branded filament yarns, her passion towards eco-fashion, and how being environmentally responsible means joining forces with brands who are committed to sustainability.

TENCEL™ Insights: Views from Lenzing experts on post COVID-19 and sustainability trends for the textile industry

The TENCEL™ brand launched its first-ever Lenzing Executive Q&A series – “TENCEL™ Insights” to provide expert perspectives and guidance on key industry topics to keep the sustainability conversation flowing. Topics covered from specific industry hot issues to general trends in the textile industry e.g. post-pandemic outlook. Please look out for more articles in the future!

TENCEL™ spearheading circularity with REFIBRA™ technology to drive greater sustainability for the textile industry

As consumers are rapidly gaining awareness around circularity and brands are placing pressure on the supply chain to address the significant textile waste issues, the TENCEL™ brand, Officina +39 and Meidea created the bespoke “The Circle Book”, to explore these issues. The TENCEL™ brand is pushing forward sustainable models and upgrading innovative technologies like REFIBRA™ to set an example of how companies can collaborate to achieve greater circularity. “The Circle Book” provides further insights into the solutions being developed and applied within the industry.

Posted November 4, 2020

Source: TENCEL