Suominen Introduces BIOLACE® Bamboo For Wipes – A Sustainable Solution With Superior Softness And Cleanability

HELSINKI, Finland — October 15, 2020 — Suominen has launched a new plant-based nonwoven for wipes: BIOLACE® Bamboo. Thanks to its key features — softness and cleanability — it is designed to meet the multiple requirements of various wipe applications.

All the products in Suominen’s sustainable Biolace product family are made exclusively from renewable plant based raw materials and are biodegradable and compostable. Biolace Bamboo is also plastic free.

“Biolace Bamboo offers a luxurious feeling; it is the softest biodegradable alternative to viscose and cotton nonwovens that are typically used in wipes and has a texture reminiscent of a cashmere-silk blend. It’s perfect for use with sensitive skin,” said Johanna Sirén, category manager at Suominen.

In addition to its softness, Biolace Bamboo has superior cleanability when wet compared to other commonly used plant-based disposable nonwoven products. The product is also excellent for hygienic cleaning of hard surfaces, such as glass because the material is very low linting.

Compared to the traditional fossil-based nonwovens used in wipes, Biolace Bamboo provides a clear advantage in terms of reducing the carbon dioxide footprint.

“As the name indicates, the main raw material used in Biolace Bamboo is made by utilizing bamboo — a perennial grass that is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The speed of its re-growth after harvesting makes it a considerable alternative for use in place of other renewable raw materials,” Sirén explained.

“We are continuously developing new products into our sustainable product portfolio in order to meet the requirements of our customers and consumers.”

Posted October 23, 2020