XDknitmachinery Introduces Knitting Machines Designed For Automotive Applications

QUANZHOU, China —July 17, 2019 — XDknitmachinery, a manufacturer of circular knitting machines, has introduced the automotive knitting machines. The company builds machines for several industries, including medical wear, fashion, home textiles, sportswear, and even underwear. Now, the company announces that they have added automotive to their list.

Knitting Machines on the Automotive Industry

While the demand for vehicles today is a bit unstable, the market for auto parts and accessories is nowhere near slowing down. This will include interior linings, car seats, seat covers, car mats, etc. Customizing vehicles is still a trend today and many car owners still prefer to make their vehicles presentable.

Knitting manufacturing companies, like XDknitmachinery, understand this trend. This is why the company has added to its goals of providing high-quality knitting machines to the industry.

XDknitmachinery Knitting Machines

The machines that are designed for automotive applications include Single Jersey, Interlock, Rib, Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard, Double Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard, and the Double Jersey Jacquard 36/72 Pattern.

Single knitting machines are designed to promote convenience and ease of operation.  They have a central adjustment system that allows easy readjustment to varying levels of fabric density. They are also easy to modify to keep up with the trends and demands of the market for knitting machines.

The Xdknitmachinery double knitting series machines are mainly designed to improve the machines’ durability, stability, and precision. Most of the parts that make up the machines are made from CAD systems and are made by CNC.

The computerized jacquard machines are built from parts either made in Taiwan or imported from prominent companies from Germany and Japan. They are convenient and modifiable as they are designed to keep up with new trends and changes in the fashion industry.

All of these knitting machines have their own features which are available for viewing on the company’s website, https://www.xdknitmachinery.com/. They are also offered at competitive prices along with one-year warranty support from the company. This will include the services of technicians visiting the site, as well as the replacement of parts covered by the warranty.

“We have a  lot to offer in the knitting technology market. Our products are capable of serving a variety of applications. Plus, they can also be customized. If clients have specific needs, we’ll discuss it over and see what we can do. Rest assured, we always do our best and provide our clients with the best solution,” Kathy Wu, XDknitmachinery’s chief sales director, shared.

XDknitmachinery is a manufacturing company dedicated to providing its clients with high-quality knitting machines. In 2015, the company has sold at least 1,500 sets of knitting machines. Even with more than 20 years of solid experience, the company remains focused on improving and providing clients with 100% customer satisfaction.

Posted July 24, 2019

Source: XDknitmachinery