Mon Ethos President David Whitaker Announces Launch Of U.S. Distribution Of Japanese Clothing Brand Evolife

BOSTON — June 4, 2019 — David Whitaker, president of talent and brand management firm Mon Ethos Pro, announces the launch of Evolife in the United States. Based in Japan, Evolife Apparel can be found on the bodies of a number of professional athletes, such as Xavisus Gayden and is widely popular in the fitness industry. Evolife Apparel is an innovative new fitness apparel company that sells hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, bottoms, tank tops and hats and is owned by MMA Fighter, Bodybuilder and Model Yuki Sorci.

“When the opportunity came up to distribute Evolife product in the United States, I had to take it. Many of our athletes were already wearing Yuki’s clothes, and many others were talking about joining the company as brand ambassador, and that heavy interest in the brand made me want to take a closer look, and I loved what I saw,” Whitaker said.

Evolife Apparel sells men’s fitness clothing along with women’s fitness clothing. This innovative brand The brand is currently expanding into the U.S. via a sponsorship of athletes with Mon Ethos Pro.

Posted June 4, 2019

Source: Mon Ethos Pro