ITMA 2019 Exhibitor Preview: SPGPrints

BOXMEER, Netherlands — June 10, 2019 — In the field of textile printing, innovation is key to maximize potential and stay ahead of the competition. That’s why at SPGPrints, we never stop optimizing our technologies. At ITMA Barcelona 2019, therefore, we are more than proud to launch our new and improved JAVELIN2 digital textile printer and Archer+ technology. Come see for yourself the astonishing output they can help you deliver.

The JAVELIN2 is ready for the future

Our well-known Javelin digital textile printer has been upgraded to help you receive as much value as possible from digital textile printing. With improved ease of use, an optimized print head cleaning cycle and enhanced ink supply, the Javelin digital textile printer did not only become more robust, but it also enables faster printing cycles while reducing maintenance costs. Together with the improved Archer+ technology, the Javelin will help you outperform your competition in no time.

Set new benchmarks for resolution and production capacity with Archer+

To provide both new users as well as existing users with the capability to upgrade their digital printing output, we’ve optimized our Archer print head software. The new Archer+ technology pack enables our users to reach new, unrivalled levels of printing resolution and print even the most complex, detailed designs at astonishing quality levels while improving overall print uniformity even at a lower number of passes. Using automated calibration the Javelin2 capable to print the most challenging designs with lesser passes than ever before. Therefore, the Archer+ technology pack will enable you to increase your capacity and print all designs at a much higher printing speed than ever before. This results in more printed meters per year and thus reducing your cost per linear meter.

Witness the high-quality output of JAVELIN2 and Archer+ for yourself at ITMA 2019

Curious what the new and improved Javelin and Archer+ technology can do to help your company exceed expectations and outperform the competition? At ITMA Barcelona 2019, live demonstrations of the new Javelin2 will be given regularly, so you can see for yourself the astonishing output both technologies can help you deliver. See you in Barcelona!

Posted June 19, 2019

Source: SPGPrints