Toray To Sell Limited Quantity Of Toraysee™ Reversible Cloth

CHUO-KU, Tokyo — March 22, 2019 — Toray Industries,Inc. today announced that it would start a limited quantity sale of ultra-fine fiber Toraysee™ Reversible Cloth (six color variations, 24cmx24cm, ¥700 excluding tax) at opticians and Toray shops around Japan from early April 2019.

Toray printed the latest trending colors on the reverse side of the best-selling six colors of the Toraysee Color Cloth, currently on sale, to create the Toraysee Reversible Cloth. These are not just simple colors, but colors that give a three-dimensional feel to the cloth and the company also created the black (dark grey) cloth for the first time in the Color Cloth series. These are expected to cater to the tastes of old as well as young people, both men and women, who are particular about their accessories, and the color contrast between the surface and back side also makes it ideal as a pocket handkerchief. We will launch it as a limited quantity product in a new simple and stylish packaging.

The Toraysee series is marking the 32nd anniversary since its launch in 1987 as a high-tech cleaning cloth for glasses that used 2-micron diameter (cross-section comparison: 1/1600 of hair) microfibers (100% polyester). The series has been acclaimed for the wide-ranging cleaning goods based on unique concepts that it has been offering. The gaps in the fiber, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, wipe up the dirt and enable cleaning up sebum and other dirt, which could not be fully cleaned with regular cleaning cloth, without scratch the lens. The material also has superior durability and can be repeatedly used as it can be washed to recover its cleaning ability. The fabric can be used for cleaning in various daily life scenarios in addition to cleaning of glasses, such as sebum stain on smartphone touch panels, accessories, wristwatches, CDs and mirrors.

Toray will continue to offer high value-added products specializing in polishing and cleaning in the daily lives of consumers through the development of new products under the Toraysee series.

Posted April 19, 2019

Source: Toray Industries Inc.