ISPO TEXTRENDS Award-Winning CORDURA® Fabrics Engineered To Meet 2020-2021 Global Textile Trends

WICHITA, Kan. — January 7, 2019 — INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand has been recognized by ISPO TEXTRENDS 2019 for the fifth year running for outstanding innovation, with fabrics awarded by a jury of international industry experts based on the opportunities they present for designers and product managers. Comprised of a wide portfolio of forward-looking technologies, this year’s winners aligned with three of the key textile trends identified by the ISPO TEXTRENDS team as shaping the global market for Fall/Winter 2020-2021.

ISPO TEXTREND ‘GRAVITAS’ – the desire to get far more out of outdoor gear and apparel

‘Gravitas’ spotlights durable lightweight fabrics that deliver the high-tenacity appeal, enhancement and protection of their heavier predecessors, but with new dynamics.

  • Cordura 4EVER™ knit fabric from Yoonia was awarded ‘Best Product’ in the Second Layer category. Made with 100-percent synthetic yarns, this soft, yet-strong, technical mid-layer fabric delivers long-lasting durable performance and power for technical hoodies for running, climbing, hiking and other active outdoor applications.

According to ISPO TEXTRENDS, “fabrics such as these are in harmony with the megatrends that provide a good vision of where the future of textiles will take us.”

ISPO TEXTREND ‘ALTRUISTIC’ – remastering tradition for today

‘Altruistic’ honors traditional processes and ingredients that have been reimagined in new ways to create cleaner, more efficient products and more sustainable concepts.

  • Cordura 4Ever NYCO knit fabric from Yoonia was selected as a ‘Top 10’ product in the Second Layer category. This fabric provides a traditional, natural look with enhanced abrasion resistance, and is made from an intimate blend of Invista T420 nylon 6,6 with cotton. In meeting the award criteria, Cordura 4Ever NYCO knit fabric demonstrates how natural and synthetic fibers continue their hybridized journey, bringing together the best of both worlds to create harmonious results.

ISPO TEXTREND ‘DISRUPTION’ – blazing new trails

‘Disruption’ nods to fundamental forms of the past, enhanced with a rebellious streak and avant-garde twist.

  • Cordura TrueLock™ fabric in the new Wolf Gray shade won in the Soft Equipment category – a durable, sustainable solution for bags, packs and accessories. The process of color encapsulation used in Cordura TrueLock fiber offers several environmental benefits such as reduced water and energy consumption*, and reduced dye and chemical usage in textile processing. With color-fastness locked in at the fiber level, excellent shade consistency, long-lasting vibrancy and UV strength stability are also made possible.
  • Cordura Naturalle™ fabrics from HuaMao and U-Long were ‘Top 10’ winners in the Street Sports and Second Layer categories. Cordura Naturalle™ fabrics are outer layer fabrics designed for active endurance sports apparel worn in the urban jungle or on the mountain slopes. Weighing in at less than 200 gsm, these lightweight, durable fabrics offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and enhanced resistance to tensile, tear, and abrasion.
  • Cordura AFT fabrics from Tiong Liong Corp. were Soft Equipment category ‘Top 10’ winners. Designed for the footwear of the future, these fabric technologies offer lightweight, breathable knit/3D mesh fabric constructions that combine tactile and optical appeal with enhanced durability and long-lasting performance.

“By building durable bonds with our supply chain partners and collectively listening to the voices of our customers, we seek to develop fabrics that are not only creative from a technical and problem-solving standpoint, but that also elicit an emotional connection between the end-user and final product,” said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand business development director. “Our team is dedicated to developing innovative, durable fabric solutions and we’re honored to be recognized in this year’s ISPO TEXTRENDS awards for on-trend fabrics that will help to pave the way for a new generation of consumer products in 2020-2021.”

*2013 LCA study based on the average comparison of conventional level acid Piece Dyeing to SDN at 3 independent/3rd party dyeing and finishing mills.

Posted January 11, 2019

Source: INVISTA’s Cordura brand