Hyosung Rewards Employees For Outstanding Results

SEOUL, South Korea — January 3, 2019 — Hyosung Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon marked the end of 2018 with an award ceremony for “the Proud Hyosung Person of the Year for 2018” at the headquarters of Hyosung in Mapo, Seoul. The annual award is given to an employee who made the most outstanding achievement of the year. Oh Dong-woo, a general manager of Renewable Energy Sales Team, Hyosung Heavy Industries, was selected as the Hyosung Person of the Year for contributing to the increase of ESS (Energy Storage System) orders. He received a plaque and 50 million won in prize money.

Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon recognized Oh’s contributions to Hyosung taking the largest share in domestic ESS market by finding market needs quickly and tackling the sector of ESS for solar power plant and peak shaving. Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon has consistently emphasized the importance of listening to the voice of customers. Oh propelled the increase in orders with a strategy to expand cooperative relations with a wide array of business clients including EPC contractors in the solar industry, investors in ESS, and battery suppliers. The ESS business division of Hyosung Heavy Industries estimates that its 2018 sales may have increased more than 500 percent from 2017.

“Thank you for producing excellent results with an extraordinary passion and spirit of challenge,” Chairman Cho Hyun-Joon said, congratulating award winners. “I ask all of the employees to keep listening to the voice of customers in 2019 to find what they want and what to do to raise customer value. I also ask you to innovate after placing customers at the center of your task.”

Posted January 11, 2019

Source: Hyosung Corp.