Nonwovens Industry Pledges Uptake In Use Of Recycled PET 

BRUSSELS — December 11, 2018 — EDANA, on behalf of the nonwoven producers amongst its membership, today issued a pledge to significantly increase the use of recycled PET in nonwoven fabrics.

Recycled PET is used in various nonwoven applications: roofing products, the automotive sector and nonwoven geotextiles are large users of R-PET fibres and resins. R-Pet can also be found in some hygiene products, such as diapers. Currently over 200,000 metric tons of recycled PET is used in the production of nonwovens. By 2025 this will grow to over 300,000 tons, providing that the post-consumer waste volumes necessary are available.

EDANA made the announcement in Brussels today at the event “The EU Plastics Industries – Towards Circularity”, joining 13 other organizations from across the plastics value chain in presenting the interim reports on voluntary commitments and pledges to adopt more circular business models.

The European plastics industry and value chain has developed an extensive and ambitious set of voluntary measures to close the loop for plastics. All commitments will be monitored with the industry ready to work closely with authorities and other stakeholders to ensure the goals are reached. The accomplishment of the ambitious sustainability targets depends not only on the industry but requires the support of national authorities, European legislators and consumers. More collection and better sorting are needed to increase recycling and incorporate more recyclate into new products.  The event “The EU Plastics Industries – Towards Circularity” will be organized on an annual basis to guarantee an open and public reporting and transparent dialogue with stakeholders on the industry’s progress.

Posted December 11, 2018

Source: EDANA