ITMA Asia + CITME 2018 Exhibitor Preview: James Heal

HALIFAX, England — October 15, 2018 — UK-based materials testing instrument manufacturer, James Heal, is exhibiting at the ITMA Asia + CITME Exhibition, from today until 19 October, 2018, at the new National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC) in Shanghai.

Today, taking centre stage on their booth H5-F50, an exclusive launch of their next generation TruFade light fastness tester, now with on-board Weathering, has given visitors the opportunity to view this machine for the first time, watch live demonstrations, and speak to their team of experts to discuss physical and colour fastness testing challenges.

An exclusive product launch

“TruFade with weathering was unveiled for the first time as part of an exclusive product launch event at ITMA Asia this morning,” says James Heal Managing Director, Amanda McLaren. “Its represents a significant investment for James Heal, both in terms of product development, innovation, and customer research”.

James Heal’s original Trufade Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester has an excellent reputation at global reference sites for its reliability, superior build quality and simplicity of use, emphasizes Innovation Director, Neil Pryke: “We’ve taken our existing instrument; and using customer feedback, have made several upgrades – most notably, with the addition of on-board weathering. During product development, extensive testing emulated operation in typical environmental conditions, so customers can be assured that TruFade will perform in line with light fastness & weathering testing Standards in any environment.”

Testing colour fastness to light and weathering conditions for a range of materials

Now with Weathering, a range of tests can be performed for the light fastness of textiles, leather and other materials. “With the next generation TruFade, our aim was to simplify a notoriously difficult area of colour fastness testing, to deliver consistent and accurate results. TruFade is ideally suited for independent laboratories and in-house factories where space can be maximized from the small footprint of the instrument,” adds Neil Pryke.

From intuitive touch-screen controls (similar to using a smart phone); to tri-sided sample holders that allow up to 27 specimens to be tested at a time – TruFade, like all James Heal instruments, is designed to simplify the user experience.

Developed with James Heal’s simple and intuitive TestWise™software – for faster, more intuitive testing.

Routine testing can be started with only three touches of the screen, and the software effortlessly tracks the fading progress of samples, as well as the life of the lamp and filters with a ‘traffic light’ system that shows their status at a glance. SoTruFade can be operated with minimal training, saving time and reducing the potential for operator error.

  • Affordable: complete confidence at a competitive price
  • Save time: minimal operator training needed, start testing in minutes
  • Tri-sided sample holders: increase the usable exposure space to up to 1640cm2, so more testing can be done at once
  • Credible and reliable: reference locations in the best independent labs and factories globally
  • Meets ISO and AATCC standards
  • Lamps and optical air filters easy to replace – reduces maintenance costs and maximizes return on your investment
  • Accurate and consistent results – every time

James Heal is showcasing their range of testing instruments for physical and colour fastness testing on booth H5-F50, including:

  • Titan 10 – 10kN Dual Column Universal Strength Tester
  • TruBurst – Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester
  • ElmaTear – Digital Elmendorf Tear Tester
  • Martindale – Abrasion & Pilling Tester
  • ProMace – Mace Snag Tester
  • FlexiFrame – Stretch & Recovery Tester
  • Impulse – Random Tumble Pilling Tester

Posted October 23, 2018

Source: James Heal