International Apparel Design And Marketing Company RDG Global Relaunches Its Contemporary Division

NEW YORK CITY — October 10, 2018 — Following a year of growth, international apparel design and marketing company RDG Global is now preparing to re-launch its contemporary division.

The global fashion manufacturer already has a major footprint in the girls, junior, active and women’s market, designing and creating product for retailers across the U.S. Now, RDG Global and their European/Asian partner Indochine International Ltd. are getting ready to re-engage the contemporary market, and they have started by building a new team focused on speed and design.

The company is excited to introduce a creative director and senior vice president to lead the division. With 20 years of experience the creative director will orchestrate the curation of street and runway trends to develop elevated product for both private label and a branded business using higher quality fabrics and incorporating sustainable elements. RDG is enthusiastic about working in this market with a new audience, and about the potential to partner with influencers, talent, and retailers.

To ensure responsible supply chain management throughout the process — and its entire worldwide manufacturing matrix — RDG has furthered its partnership with Corporate Social Responsibility experts, Arche Advisors. Arche Advisers is a renowned worldwide organization that brings expertise in social, labor, human rights, traceability, and sustainability, among other pressing issues in today’s global manufacturing world.

The partnership will assure complete adherence to specific country of origin rules and regulations, rapid reaction to all customer requirements, and include periodic inspections at all factories to ensure continued compliance worldwide. It will also ensure complete visibility while maintaining the company’s code of conduct, one that was developed specifically for RDG and its employees — and will be prominently displayed in every factory.

As its contemporary business expands and evolves, so does RDG Global as a whole. From a female-led development team to a socially responsible production process, the company is dedicating itself to creating product it can stand behind, from start to finish.

Posted October 16, 2018

Source: RDG Global