DuPont Industrial Biosciences Introduces PREFERENZ® Line For Liquid Laundry Detergents

WILMINGTON, Del. — September 27, 2018 — With the recent release of DuPont™ PREFERENZ® P 300, DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) takes its enzyme portfolio, including multiple Preferenz products as well as EFFECTENZ® and REVITALENZ®, to the next level. DuPont’s cutting-edge enzymes help detergent manufacturers in diverse markets around the world provide the performance needed to stay clean in a messy modern world.

DuPont delivers enzymes that offer superior ability to remove tough stains for consumers with a wide range of cleaning challenges. The company’s renewable, biodegradable enzymes can avoid harsher cleaning agents while maintaining superior performance, making sustainability as easy as doing the laundry.

DuPont will be showcasing the capabilities of its full enzyme portfolio to customers at several upcoming conferences, including Cleaning Products US 2018 (Oct. 1-3), SEPAWA Congress (Oct. 10-12), AOCS Fabric and Home Care World Conference (Oct. 28-31) and 11th China International Cleanser Ingredients, Machinery and Packaging Materials Expo (Nov. 20-22).

“DuPont Industrial Biosciences brings tremendous value to the cleaning industry, delivering solutions to the challenges facing current and future consumers. We have enzyme expertise to cleave the stain, bio-polymer expertise to transport the stain and preservative expertise to manage microbial challenges, all under one roof,” said Simon Herriott, vice president and global business director for bioactives at DuPont. “Our full Preferenz line is just one example of that collaboration, delivering robust, stable solutions that address our customers’ needs in the laundry space.”

From formulation to transportation, to retail to its final destination – the washing machine – DuPont’s recently launched Preferenz P 300 survives the challenges throughout the “Journey of the Detergent.” By the time the detergent ends up in the home of the consumer and in the actual washing machine, this intrinsically stable enzyme is still active and will deliver a consistent cleaning performance. It does that without the need for a full stability system, meaning that there is potential for significant cost savings for detergent formulators.

Preferenz P 300 can help customers reduce their use of stabilizers, cut costs and improve sustainability, all without compromising on performance. A key strength of Preferenz P 300 is its robustness. Structurally stable, this protease delivers reliable cleaning performance where it matters most to consumers — in the washing machine. Preferenz P 300 has Cleangredients approval making it a market ready ingredient that can be used to formulate products targeted for EPA Safer Choice approval and eco-labeling in the U.S.

Preferenz P 300 rounds out DuPont Preferenz line, which also includes Preferenz S 210 with Cleangredients approval and Preferenz L 100. Preferenz S 210 is designed to deliver high-level cleaning performance and boost effectiveness in removing a wide range of food-based starch stains in all wash conditions you can think of. Preferenz L 100 is highly effective in removing fatty food soils including both those from animals and plants. Preferenz L 100 can help close the performance gaps when wash conditions are not ideal for the surfactant system in the detergent.

Home & Personal Care resides under DuPont Industrial Biosciences — one of the businesses within DowDuPont’s Specialty Products Division — which creates innovative bio-based solutions to make industrial processes more effective and sustainable. DuPont enzymes enable sustainability progress across a wide range of home and personal care products, especially in the laundry and cleaning sectors.

Posted October 3, 2018

Source: DuPont Industrial Biosciences