Kelheim Fibres To Present Transparent Viscose Specialty Fiber At Dornbirn

KELHEIM, Germany — September 3, 2018 — The viscose fiber Leonardo from specialty fiber manufacturer Kelheim Fibres is an extremely smooth and flat viscose fiber with a width to thickness ratio of up to 1:40. This geometry with parallel sides gives the fiber its unique characteristics: In wet laid nonwovens, Leonardo scores with skin friendliness and high liquid storage capacity, typical properties of viscose fibers, which are further improved in Leonardo. In contrast to other viscose fibers, however, Leonardo also offers high transparency — a property that is much sought after in cosmetic facial sheet masks in the Asian market. Here, transparency not only suggests a high load of moisture, but it also enables a discreet use of the mask even in everyday situations.

But transparency also offers benefits for other nonwovens products, e.g. for tea bags where the contents can be clearly seen. The possible applications of Leonardo are not limited to nonwovens either: processed into effect yarns, the transparent Leonardo fiber can provide a special look in textiles.

Leonardo — as all viscose specialities from Kelheim Fibres — is made of 100-percent renewable cellulose and is therefore fully biodegradable.
 Dr. Ingo Bernt from the Bavarian fibers expert’s R&D team will present Leonardo at this year’s Global Fiber Congress at Dornbirn. For further discussions and with a broad range of other speciality fibers, he and his colleagues will be available at Kelheim Fibres’ info point at the conference.

Posted September 3, 2018

Source: Kelheim Fibres GmbH