ITMA Asia + CITME 2018 Exhibitor Preview: Novibra

BOSKOVICE, Czech Republic — September 5, 2018 — Novibra will present the latest innovations in spindle technology at the forthcoming ITMA Asia. The exhibition is held in Shanghai from October 15 to 19, 2018 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. Novibra highly welcomes the interested visitors in hall 1, booth D01.

Novibra, based in the Czech Republic, is a trend setter in spindle technology and the biggest spindle producer worldwide. Since the revolutionary High Precision Spindle (HPS) concept introduction 30 years back, the company has been continuously launching innovative products for the modern spinning mills to the market. Novibras’ goal is to bring beneficial and customized solutions to the customers helping them to keep their leading position in the market.

Among the biggest issues of the textile industry today is the demand for energy savings and the call for reduction of maintenance costs in the mill. Novibra is looking forward to discussing with the customers the new products that are reflecting this trend.

LENA: The energy saving spindle LENA has been designed for the highest speeds with the main goal of achieving lower energy consumption. It features Novibra premium double damping system for minimum neck bearing load and the unique LENA spindle bearings with 5,8 and 3 mm diameters only. As a result the lower friction of the bearings and reduced spindle wharve diameter bring an energy saving in the average of 4 to 6%.

CROCOdoff and CROCOdoff Forte: The new generation of clamping crowns, introduce genuine doffing without underwinding. The crowns work automatically depending on the spindle speed change and therefore, there is no significant adjustment on the machine needed. The major advantages are lower after doff end down rate and minimized fiber fly; leading to reduction of maintenance costs, waste and due to reduced air friction also of energy consumption.

Posted September 5, 2018

Source: Novibra Boskovice s.r.o.