MagnaColours® Promotes Worldwide Excellence With Academy Translations

BARNSLEY, England — September 18, 2017 — MagnaColours® is making its training programme, MagnaAcademy, more accessible to non-English speaking screen-printers by translating their modules into different languages. Magna recently launched Spanish versions of their video tutorials, and over the coming months, they will also be making them available in Russian and Turkish.

MagnaAcademy, was launched by MagnaColours in order to help screen-printers to develop their skills and learn how to get the best results from the Magna product range. After highlighting industry misconceptions about the performance of water-based inks, Magna wanted to challenge this view, and demonstrate the impressive capabilities of their products.

Many screen printers believe that water-based inks are not capable of producing the same high-quality results as traditional, harmful PVC inks. Over recent years, Magna has led the development and improvement of more environmentally friendly water-based inks, and want to show that their products perform as well, if not better than the harmful counterparts.

Helen Parry, Managing Director of MagnaColours said: “Having only launched MagnaAcademy at the beginning of the year, it’s been very well received, and feedback from existing users has been positive and helpful. It’s important to us that the Academy is useful and provides the information that printers need and want, so we’re really listening to the feedback we receive and will continue to adapt the resources accordingly.”

“We know that a great deal of garment screen-printing takes place in non-English speaking areas. Countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Russia and Turkey are well known hubs for our industry, and home to some of the biggest distributors of our product range. Because of this, we wanted to translate our modules so they’re more accessible for all screen-printers, while challenging industry-wide misconceptions and showing just what water-based inks can achieve.”

By translating the MagnaAcademy modules, Magna are opening up this expert training to a wider audience, and further spreading the word about the capabilities and quality of water-based inks to areas where screen-printing is particularly prevalent.

MagnaAcademy was established to help screen-printers to overcome the misunderstanding that making the switch to water-based inks involves great difficulty and complexity. The education tool is predominantly made up of online modules, helping printers worldwide to get the best results. As well as the online resources, available worldwide, Magna offer help at their on-site MagnaAcademy in Barnsley, where printers can benefit from hands-on advice and guidance from one of Magna’s experts.

Posted September 20, 2017

Source: MagnaColours