ZinserRing 71 Delights Xianyang Textiles Group

EBERSBACH, Germany — February 1, 2017 —  “Faster, better, safer” — this slight variation on the Olympic motto is how Kang Zhongming, chairman and general manager of Xianyang Textiles Group Co. Ltd., describes the properties of the ZinserRing 71. Since 2013, 96 ring spinning machines from the textile machinery manufacturer Zinser, featuring a total of more than 136,000 spindles, have been in use at the state-run China-based textile company in conjunction with the Autoconer package winding machine from Schlafhorst. The new ring spinning system has far exceeded the expectations of the company, with Xianyang Textiles issuing a positive appraisal following almost five years of operation.

Xianyang Textiles Group has been developed from a company that was originally founded back in 1952. The textile company relocated to Xianyang Emerging Textile Industrial Park in 2012, subsequently operating under the name Xianyang Textiles Group. The industrial park is an important textile production centre along the new Chinese Silk Road. With around 5,000 employees and a production capacity of 400,000 spindles, Xianyang Textiles is one of the largest textile company in north-west China and boasts an annual production of 50,000 tons of yarn. The company processes cotton, man-made fibers and their blends to create high-grade yarns in the quality ranges between Ne 21 and Ne 120. Xianyang Textiles operates its own weaving mills and dye shops, thereby covering a broad scope of the textile net product chain. The yarns are used in the areas of clothing, household textiles and technical textiles. Part of the production is exported to over 50 countries, with a particular focus on Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, South-East Asia and Africa.

Yarn production at Xianyang Textiles is subject to strict quality assurance that is certified according to ISO 9001. The careful handling of natural resources is a key concern of the company, which is why it pursues an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001.

Stable precision technology reduces spinning costs

Upon commissioning the cutting-edge ring spinning machines from Zinser, Xianyang Textiles expected to achieve a significant reduction in spinning costs. This expectation was indeed met by the ZinserRing 71, with the reliable high-level technology continuously producing top-quality yarn and achieving a noticeable increase in profitability. As well as providing particularly high levels of performance, it also ensures maximum efficiency thanks to the precision of the assemblies.

The ZinserRing 71 enabled Xianyang Textiles to record a palpable drop in power consumption. With its energy-saving tangential belt drive, its precision-mounted high-speed spindles featuring a low power requirement and its energy-efficient motors, the economical ZinserRing 71 produces more yarn using less electricity.

The stable and reliable design of the ZinserRing 71 enabled Xianyang Textiles to increase the spinning speeds without the risk of yarn breaks. The integrated OptiStep software ensures that the start, coast-down and operational spinning speeds are optimally attuned to the technological spinning limit and enables the bobbin build to spin at the absolute maximum speed in every phase.

Consistent quality via mechanical weighting arms

The drafting system of the ZinserRing 71 features mechanical weighting arms that guarantee consistent pressure at all spinning positions. This reliability leads to yarn values that are consistent at all times, enabling Xianyang Textiles to achieve top quality with maximum process reliability and significantly reduced maintenance input.

CoWeMat – the doffer featuring unrivalled process reliability

The CoWeMat is and remains the leading technology for doffing automation.

With its renowned process reliability and dependable operation, the CoWeMat reduces personnel costs and increases efficiency. Fast, reliable automatic bobbin changing on the ZinserRing 71 by the CoWeMat makes it possible to utilise the production capacity to optimum effect, as it performs the work arising at intervals without the need for staff. “In contrast to our previous installations, there are no bottlenecks, waiting times or downtimes,” said Yang Renhong, head, Spinning Department, Xianyang Textiles. “This ensures the highly efficient operation of the ring spinning system at all times. In addition, the CoWeMat has reduced the maintenance input during the doffing process to a minimum, providing a level of reliability that has enabled us to reduce our personnel costs.”

Personnel enthused by easy operation

Alongside the hard factors such as productivity, efficiency and quality, the satisfaction of the operating personnel is another important criterion in the assessment of a textile machine. Can the operating personnel fulfill the high quality and productivity requirements of the spinning plant management using simple means, or is it frequently necessary to perform complex manual interventions? How difficult is it for the operating personnel to produce a consistent level of quality over an extended period or to reproduce a desired quality at any time? In this regard, the ZinserRing 71 has once again exceeded the expectations of Xianyang Textiles. The operators are delighted with the straightforward machine operation, all spinning parameters and lot data can be input centrally on the EasySpin control panel. The simple operating concept and the easy to understand input assistants speed up operation and prevent setting errors.

Safe processing of cotton, synthetic staple fibres and their blends

Whether the ZinserRing 71 is required to handle synthetic staple fibers and their blends or natural fibres made from cotton, it ensures that processing is consistently safe, reliable and productive.

“The markets are constantly changing”, says Manager Yang. “There are fluctuations in the availability of raw materials and in the level of demand for the various yarns. The ZinserRing 71 puts us in a position where we can ideally meet changing market requirements, as we want to continue to grow regardless of fluctuations in the market.

Partnership with the automation supplier

From the perspective of Xianyang Textiles, the ZinserRing 71 is the perfect solution for the latest requirements in the Asian textile industry. Due to the increasingly difficult issue of workforce availability, spinning mills must make themselves less and less reliant on personnel. Delivery of any desired yarn at a guaranteed quality and at an unrivalled price-performance ratio is what companies want from their modern machinery.

Zinser acts as a powerful partner at the side of Xianyang Textiles, additionally offering integrated automation solutions from roving frames and ring spinning machines through to winding machines. Featuring reliable high-level technology, the ZinserRing 71 can be integrated into a fully automated production system at any time, achieving maximum profitability and ensuring dynamic growth.

Posted February 16, 2017

Source: Saurer Group