SSM Showed Eight New Products At India ITME 2016

HORGEN, Swizterland — December 21, 2016 — SSM showed eight new product launches for the first time in India at the ITME in Mumbai from 3rd – 8th December 2016. The SSM X-Series generated a large interest. SSM was overwhelmed by the number of visitors.

The Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, continued their tradition of trend-setting with the presentation of breakthrough technologies. SSM displayed a total of five machines, showing eight new product launches for Dye Package / Rewinding, Assembly Winding, Air Texturing and Sewing Thread Finish Winding.

One of the most interesting application was the introduction of the DIGICONE® 2 winding algorithm, enabling a 10-20% increase on dye package density with same dyeing recipe which is only available on the SSM XENO-platform. On the other hand the SSM X-Series are the most economized winding solution, reduced to the max yet maintaining highest flexibility for any cost efficient winding application.

From SSM GIUDICI came the DP5-T which was exhibited in a special single-execution showing fancyflex™ for the production of slubs and thick & thin fancy yarns which gained a large interest. Finally the SSM TK2-20 CT (for cones), KTE (for Kingspools) and TT (for tubes) finish winder for sewing threads (with an electronically controlled tuck-in device) concluded the range of machines shown in Mumbai.

Besides the showed applications, SSM can provide solutions for False Twist Texturing, Air Covering, Draw Winding, Yarn Singeing and Conventional Covering. Detailed information about textile machines with leading technology is available on SSM’ webpage.

Thanks to all visitors:

SSM would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that visited their booth, whether it was for discussions concerning imminent projects, checking out the latest equipment or just for the good friendship.

Posted January 18, 2017

Source: SSM