ITMA Asia + CITME 2016 Exhibitor Preview: Picanol

IEPER, Belgium — September 2016 — As one of the world’s leading weaving machine manufacturers, Picanol has always had a very close relationship with the Chinese textile industry. This relationship is not a matter of chance or coincidental developments: on the contrary, it is the result of long-term, strategic planning by the Picanol management.

In this firm belief, Picanol sent its first pioneers to explore the possibilities in the Far East, already in the early 1950s. Picanol took part in one of the first international exhibitions held in Beijing. This was the period when Picanol salesmanagers, still based in Ieper, criss-crossed the Orient to promote its weaving machines at exhibitions and technical seminars.

The growing installed base of Picanol machines in China, as well as the increasing demand for a higher level of service & support resulted in the establishment of the Picanol Service Centre, which was set up in Shanghai in 1987. A network of local service engineers was also established to serve the other South-Asian countries.

The next step in the history of Picanol in China was the set-up of PST, Picanol Suzhou Textile Machinery Works, thus starting its career as a Chinese textile machinery manufacturer. This set-up took place in 1994 and we celebrate this year the 22 years existence of Picanol Suzhou Textile Machinery Works.

PST was Picanol’s first production line outside Belgium, and the technology and organisation were based entirely on the assembly concept employed at the company’s headquarters in Ieper. Today PST houses a complete production unit with 3 assembly lines for 3 product types (GT-Max, GTMax-i with rapier technology and the OMNIplus-X with airjet technology), a mechatronics division, a sales, service and spare parts organization. The majority of the Chinese management, engineers and technicians have been trained in Belgium.

Machines produced in PST aim at the top layer of the mid segment and are besides in China, also quite succesful in the new emerging textile regions outside China. The Belgium produced machines are built for the top segment.

Posted September 21, 2016

Source: Picanol