Global Yarn And Fabric Output Up In Q3/2015

ZURICH, Switzerland — January 2016 — According to the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), the global yarn production increased in Q3/2015 quarter-on-quarter, the third increase in a row. Thereby, output in Asia and North America grew. In Europe and South America, in contrast, it fell on a quarterly basis. Also on an annual basis, the global yarn production in Q3/2015 improved in tow with increases in Asia and North America. Europe and South America reported falling yarn production year-on-year. Global yarn stocks in Q3/2015 rose quarter-on- quarter as well as year-on-year. Thereby, all regions reported that stocks were increased. Yarn orders in Europe and South America fell in Q3/2015 quarter-on-quarter as well as year-on- year.

Global fabric production rose in Q3/2015 against Q2/2015 due to increases in Asia. In Europe and South America fabric production fell. On an annual basis global fabric output improved moderately. Thereby, Asian output increased, while fabric production in Europe and South America fell. Worldwide fabric stocks in Q3/2015 were reduced quarter-on-quarter. Year-on- year, however, they grew due to increases in Asia and South America. In Q3/2015, European fabric orders decreased quarter-on-quarter and increased on an yearly basis. Fabric orders in South America fell both on a quarterly and yearly basis.

Estimates for global yarn and fabric production for Q4/2015 are positive in most of the reporting regions. Asia, Europe and South Africa expect output of yarn and fabric to increase in the last quarter of 2015, while South America estimates negative developments.

The global outlook for yarn and fabric production for Q1/2016 is negative. While Europe expects an unchanged yarn and fabric production for the first quarter of this year, Asia is somewhat skeptical about Q1/2016.

In Q3/2015, global yarn production rose by nearly 3% quarter-on-quarter after a strong rise of close to 14% in Q2/2015. Thereby, Asian yarn output rose by 3.5% quarter-on-quarter and by 2.6% in North America. In Europe and South America, however, output fell by 7.6% and 12.3%, respectively. Global yarn output grew by 4.7% in Q3/2015 versus Q3/2014. The annual percentage change of yarn output in Asia amounted to nearly 6% and to 4.5% in North America. In Europe and South America yarn production fell by 10.6% and 18% year-on-year, respectively.

Global fabric production increased by nearly 2% in Q3/2015 against the previous quarter. While European and South American output fell by 4.7% and 16%, respectively, Asian fabric production improved by 3.5% quarter-on-quarter. Year-on-year, global fabric output grew moderately by 0.5%. Thereby, Asian production increased by 1.7%, while output levels in Europe and South America were reduced by 0.8% and 15%, respectively.

Global yarn inventories in Q3/2015 increased by 6% quarter-on-quarter with increases of 5.7% in Asia, 3% in Europe and 9.5% in South America. In Q3/2015, the annual percentage change of global yarn inventories recorded an increase of nearly 11%. Thereby, yarn stocks grew by 10% year-on-year in Asia, by 0.6% in Europe and by 28% in South America.

Worldwide fabric stocks fell by 2.4% in Q3/2015 versus Q2/2015. Stocks in Asia, Europe and North America were increased by 0.4%, 0.2% and 0.8%, respectively. In South America, they fell by 9%. On a yearly basis global fabric inventories in Q3/2015 rose by 1%. Thereby, they grew by 0.7% in Asia and by 4.5% in South America. In North America fabric stocks remained unchanged year-on-year and in Europe they fell by 0.5%.

In Q3/2015, European yarn orders fell by 5% quarter-on-quarter and by 3% year-on-year. In South America they fell by over 18% quarter-on-quarter and by 58% year-on-year. European fabric orders in Q3/2015 fell by 1.6% quarter-on-quarter and increased by nearly 6% year- on-year. South American fabric orders in Q3/2015 fell by 22% quarter-on-quarter and by nearly 32% year-on-year.

Posted February 16, 2016

Source: ITMF